VOX AC15 Mod

I’ve owned my VOX AC15 for quite a few years now, and was very happy with it. But recently I started looking at possibly improving this amp. After browsing some forums I discovered there a few neat modifcations you can do to this amp to make it sparkle.. as a Vox should!

There are a lot of AC15 flavors such as the C1, CC1, CC1X, HW1X etc. This mod is mainly for the CC or CC1 as far as I know. Continue reading “VOX AC15 Mod”

Chinchilla cage

With this post I want to show you our project to build our own Chinchilla cage. This started a while ago, when we were looking in pet stores for a spacious cage, suitable for a Chinchilla and that wasn’t all plastic and ugly.

You see a lot of pictures from people that reused old cabinets or bookcases to house their Chinchillas. We used this idea to dig deeper into wooden cages. Since a lot of the wood that are used to build furniture is not suitable for Chinchilla’s, it seemed like a nice project to build our own cage! Continue reading “Chinchilla cage”